Polarized Sunglasses to Fit Anyone's Style

Classy hand painted Sunglasses with distinctive, fun highlights.

Available in several designs colors and frames sizes.

Polycarbonate lenses, painted with colorful acrylic and a protective finish for durable wear.

Check out our new Sunglass Reader models! All of these sunglasses are Polarized.

Fit Over Sunglasses
Fit Over Sunglasses
Fit Over Polarized Sunglasses - for Small and Average Faces
Fit Over Sunglasses Polarized
Fit Over Polarized Sunglasses - for Average and Wide Faces
Big Sunglasses for ALL Faces - Polarized
Confetti Floral Sunglasses
Confetti Floral - Polarized $58
Tapestry Sunglasses
Tapestry - Polarized $58
Pawz and Bones Sunglasses
Pawz and Bones - Polarized $58
Big River Sunglasses
Big River Sunglasses - Polarized $58
Tapestry Sunglasses
Java - Polarized $58
Big Seasons Sunglasses
Big Seasons Sunglasses - Polarized $58
Purple Jungle Fancy Bows Sunglasses
Purple Jungle Fancy Bows Sunglasses - Polarized $58
Big Orchid Sunglasses
Big Orchid Sunglasses - Polarized $58
Big Confetti Sunglasses
Big Confetti Sunglasses - Polarized $58
Big Cheetah Sunglasses
Big Cheetah Sunglasses - Polarized $58
Season Sunglasses
Seasons Sunglasses - Polarized $58
big squiggle mosaic sunglasses
Big Squiggle Mosaic Sunglasses - Polarized - $58
River Sunglasses
River Sunglasses - Polarized $58
Jungle Sunglasses
Jungle Sunglasses - Polarized $58
big jazz sunglasses
Polarized Big Jazz Sunglasses - Polarized - $58
handpainted sunglasses
Dotty Sunglasses - Polarized - $58

All glasses come with complimentary case.