About Karin and Art4theFace Eyewear Designs

Karin Frye, creator of "Art For Your Face" hand-painted eyewear, presents handpainted eyewearvividly colored, intricately designed funwear (sunshades) and reading glasses.

Karin's unique collection of eyewear features vibrant hues and earth-tone metallic shades painted three-layers-deep in mosaic and geometric patterns. Quality sunwear frames are available in tortoise or black lacquer and a variety of shapes from horn-rimmed, "cat-eyes", "Jackie-O" and other popular styles. Reading glasses are available in many powers. Each pair of glasses comes complete with a hand-sewn carrying case to protect the lens and the painted finish.

karin fryeTo keep your glasses "close at hand," Karin also offers Custom Matching Leashes, made from leather cording with nickel metal end pieces, and durable anodized aluminum highlights. Each leash is handmade, designed to compliment each unique pair of glasses.

Karin's eyewear has been marketed at art shows and bazaars throughout the country and has attracted wearers of every age, from trend setting youth to older folks seeking a quirky and fun way to meet vision "realities." A children's collection of sunwear is also available on a special order basis.

"I've been amazed at the popularity of my sunwear and reading glasses!" Karin says. "Women of all ages are looking for eyewear that 'makes a statement'...and they love the way the bright colors enhance their coloring. And the 'forty plus' crowd finds that wearing reading glasses isn't quite as painful when the reaction from others is so positive."

Reacting to buyers' comments that "color on my face looks great," Frye devised her company's slogan of "art for the face."

Frye is a self-taught artist living in Colorado. She has an extensive background in designing home decorative furnishings and accessories. Karin has created whimsical, hand-painted chairs and dressers, canvas floor cloths and, her latest passion, impressionistic ceramic dishware. For information about other product lines, please email Karin.