What Our Customers are Saying about our
Handpainted Sunglasses and Reading Glasses


HawaaDear Karen,

Both Hannah and I are enjoying our sun glasses tremendously and have received lots of complements. I will make sure I provide your contact to whoever inquires as to where I bought them.

Thanks again for designing the lively sun glasses .


diamond glasses

I received the sunglasses and I'm thrilled with them. They're beautiful - thank you so much. I'll be recommending you to everyone I know.


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Received glasses today and all I can say is that they are nicer then the picture. Simply beautiful.

Enjoy the summer and nice doing business with you again.


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Thanks Karin !!! I recieved my new glasses today!! I absolutely love them!!!

At least once a day, someone will comment on how cute my glasses are!!!

I will definitely be ordering more.

Thanks again.


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pat on the backHi Karin:
We received your beautiful sun glasses yesterday! Penni loves them!

Thank you Karin.
Jeff & Penni

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Hi Karen,

Thanks for writing me back! Can't wait to get the glasses! I ALWAYS consistently get compliments every time I wear your glasses! I am a walking advertisement for your glasses and have referred many people to your website! I found you at the uptown art fair many, MANY years ago!


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Thank you so very much! Your wonderful art for the face arrived today in the mail and I am absolutely & thoroughly pleased with them! GaGaGorgeous! Frames fit my face shape to a 'T'! Planning on ordering another pair soon, in the orchid. Am one very happy customer!

Best regards,

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I just got my painted glasses! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. They make my face happy! They make me happy! They will make my clients happy! Fast service too!

Thank you!

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Dear Karin,

I Looooovvve the glasses. They're fun yet seductive.
They're one-of-a-kind.

Thank you so much!
Many Blessings

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Hi Karin, I got my sunglasses and absolutely love them. If you were to have a contest, these would surely win.

Thank you very much,

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OMG! I picked them up today. They are beautiful and truly a work of art! I took some photos of Summer wearing them and I will send them to you as soon as I find out how to use this ...computer!! Thanks. They are much, much more than I expected!

You are amazing!

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I bought a pair of glasses from you 6 years ago, and love them so much that when it came time to get REAL prescription glasses, I couldn't find any as cute as these, so they put my prescription in your glasses. They are the little round ones for small faces. I work at Macy's in Denver and get at least 10 great comments a week on them. I don't always have the time if we are busy to write out your web sight, but if you have cards that you can spare, I'd love to pass them out. And I have my next pair picked out, so in a couple of weeks, I'll contact you and order some. Isn't it amazing that mine have lasted more than 6 years. Hope to hear from you.


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Dear Karin,
I have a story that you have probably heard many times! My cousin bought me a pair of the cat eye sunglasses when I was visiting him in Santa Fe about 11 years ago. I LOVED those glasses, wore them constantly, and even though I misplaced them, somehow the universe got them back to me time and time again.

So, for ten years I wore your glasses. My friend, who is an optician, put Maui Jim lenses in them. Ah, it was bliss! But alas, last year I misplaced them, again, and they were gone. The end of an era, I thought.

The same friend (who loves glasses) would not give up, and told me she had found them online! And here you are. (I swear it's crazy that I had not thought to google you). And so it is with great delight, that I order, again, a pair of your wondrous sunglasses. Thank you for the years of pure fun and joy!!

With gratitude,

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Hi Karin, I just wanted to let you know your reading glasses are a huge hit. I'm a jeweler and do shows all over the country. Every where I go, people ask me where I got my great glasses. I tell them of course, art4theface.com. The only problem I've had is no one notices my jewelry they're so busy admiring my readers. Thank You, Continue the Great Work.

Jerry S. - Colorado

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Thanks so much for making my unusual bifocal sunglasses - they are really perfect, and they make people smile!


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Just a brief note to let you know I received the sunglasses yesterday. I love them!! I am so glad I found your site and got to replace the ones I lost.

Thanks again,


exclamation glasses

Awesome. I love your glasses. I haven't worn anything else since I discovered you at Fountain Hills Art Festival in Scottsdale Az years ago. Thank you for making glasses I love to wear!

I just had to take time to write to you and tell you that your reading glasses just are an absolute 10! It seems like every single time I go anywhere and put them on, somebody compliments me! They really are fantastic!

sunglasses on JeanI am enclosing a photo of me (how cute are these glasses?) thought you'd like to see the face behind the commentary!

Just last week I put them on and my boss just had to know where I got them and looked at your site and asked me if I would be offended if she got exactly the same ones in the same color! I told her it would be a huge compliment! I bought them from you a few years ago when you were in Minneapolis at the uptown art fair. That first pair eventually broke and I ordered another pair and again my days are filled with inquiries about them and I love wearing them! Having a bad hair day? Put on the adorable glasses and nobody notices your hair!

Just wanted to tell you that nobody does reading glasses like you do especially these adorable round frames!

If you ever want to send me any of your business cards, I will be happy to give them out as I continue to receive positive commentary! I do tell them about your website.

Wishing you continued sales and a great week!


Jean in Minneapolis

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I received my new reading glasses today - WOW that was fast. They are so cool! I love the new design. You do absolutely fabulous work!!!

Thanks so much,

Sue from Foppe Creative

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fun sunglasses

Karin, I just wanted you to know that I recently purchased a pair of your sunglasses at Art in the Park in Boise, Idaho. I had seen your glasses once before, and I had never forgotten them; so, this year I made a vow to look for your booth.

You would not believe the compliments that I get on these glasses. First off, everyone says that my new sunglasses fit my personality to a "T," then they go on to ask where they can secure a pair. You can rest assured that I have been referring them to your website. I hope you sell thousands.

Thanks so much for your creativity and know that I will be treating myself to a second pair really soon.

Jan from Draper, Utah

star sunglasses

I love my new glasses, especially the sunglasses. So glad I don't have to remove my sunglasses to actually read something now! If I'm gonna have to wear them, might as well be art!!!


Elizabeth from Waxhaw, NC

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Karin, I purchased a pair of your sunglasses in Frisco, Co. on the July 4th weekend, and I'm so in love with them that I want another pair. Will you be in Texas any time soon?

Thanks so much! I have had so many compliments.

Elizabeth from Frisco, CO

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I have ordered in the past, these really cool ROUND readers with a black, brown and bronze design. I need a new pair. I need them for surgery.

I get a lot of compliments on them and now need a new strength and have also broken my last pair. Can you come up with some for me PLEASE??

Nothing else will do. Thanks

Karen D. from Tucson

star sunglasses

I have just lost my favorite reading glasses that I purchased from you 2 years ago at the memorial weekend Boulder Arts Festival. Could you please let me know how I can get in touch with you to order more glasses frames?

Susan from Boulder, CO